New: NEW 8 COLOURS of ROSA Gallery Artists' Oil Colours!

New: NEW 8 COLOURS of ROSA Gallery Artists' Oil Colours!

Artists of oil painting, we have great news!
We are glad to present you 8 new colours of ROSA Gallery Artists' Oil Colours, which were chosen and created in accordance with the recommendation of Ukrainian artists!
All 8 new colours are single-pigment, what guarantees maximum purity of hues and opens up many possibilities for colour mixing.

Transparent Mars Yellow, Transparent Mars Orange, Mars Dark Brown, created for lovers of classical multilayered painting and glazing colours. Dark and rich mass tone of each of the three Marses when diluted reveals multifaceted hues and its unique distinctive tone.

Transparent Mars Yellow is one-pigment transparent colour with a high level of light fastness. Saturated brown mass tone, while glazing, reveals a radiant yellow tone. After whitening, the colour shades retain saturation.

Transparent Mars Orange is a warm saturated red-brown colour, when diluted and whitening it turns orange. Ideal for glazing and impasto painting. Made of a high level of light fastness single pigment. 

Mars Dark Brown is a deep and rich dark brown colour based on a single pigment. Semi opaque with a high level of light fastness.

For fans of the classic palette, we have complemented the ROSA Gallery Artists' Oil Colours line with Alizarin Crimson Permanent Red and Caput Mortuum Dark.

Alizarin Crimson Permanent Red is a transparent, rich dark red when diluted and whitening it reveals the depth of cool red-pink shades. Single-pigment of medium lightfastness.

Caput Mortuum Dark is made of iron oxide, has a rich brown-red tone. Good coverage and lightfastness, it can be used in any oil painting technique.

The unique colours of the ROSA Gallery's complemented oil palette - Golden Yellow, Royal Brown, Bright Red create more opportunities for those who choose bright colours and a modern, expressive style of painting.

Golden yellow is a shiny golden yellow transparent colour. Single-pigmented of medium light fastness. It differs from Indian yellow in a softer and warmer tone.

Brown royal is a unique one-pigment brown-burgundy colour with a red undertone. One-pigment, with a high level of light fastness. Transparent colour is ideal both for glazing and impasto painting.

Bright Red is a rich, bright red with a light pink undertone when diluted and whitening. One-pigmented, semi-transparent colour of medium light fastness.

Key properties:
• Pure and bright colours are made on the basis of polymerized linseed oil
• High pigment concentration
• High-quality pigments provide amazing colour shades when colours are diluted or whitening
• Rich consistency holds the dynamics of a stroke and is perfect for both impasto  and classic painting
• Dry time in a thin layer is from 2 to 10 days, depending on the colour

From now on, the ROSA Gallery Artists' Oil Colours range consists of 56 colours that inspire and give new opportunities for the realization of the artist's ideas.

This range will impress classical artists as well as artists who are open to experimentation.

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