New: We start the new year 2020 with new products!

New: We start the new year 2020 with new products!

Meet 10 colours of professional watercolour ROSA Gallery created on your many requests. Classic and unique - they will provide new opportunities for creating landscapes, botanical illustrations, and portraits.

Naples Yellow Light is a delicate creamy yellow colour, perfect for portraits and colour rendition of the body. Semi-transparent with a high level of light fastness is used both independently and in mixtures. Perfectly complements Naples pink from ROSA Gallery. Naples colours from ROSA Gallery fill the landscapes with a foggy atmospheric mood.

Naples Pink. A very delicate and sensual warm pale pink colour. It is made on the basis of white, has an average level of coverage and high light fastness. There certainly will be connoisseurs of this colour, among portrait painters, as well as among those, who are fond of botanical illustration. Ideally complements Naples Yellow Light.

Opera Pink. A saturated and transparent purple-pink colour with a delicate fluorescence hue when glazed. The brightest of the entire palette of pink, it forms a radiant mixture with other colours. It is irreplaceable in a botanical illustration, also when painting portraits and landscapes.

Lavender. An exquisite, delicate light purple colour with a blue undertone. The semi-covering, with a high level of light fastness, can be used both independently and in mixtures with other colours. In combination with ochre, it forms a soft twilight gray.

Quinacridone Violet is a juicy warm violet colour that, when glazed, reveals its reddish-purple undertone. Covering with a high level of light fastness has excellent fluidity.

Chromium oxide. A classical one-pigment covering green colour with a noble gray undertone. It’s irreplaceable for painting landscapes. It is used both independently and in mixtures, which adds a natural tone. The colour is granular, which gives the works where it's used a special charm.

Royal blue. An exquisite and delicate sky-blue colour will find its fans among watercolour artists and illustrators. It’s semi-covering with the high light fastness and light granulation. The royal blue contains white in the composition, however, when glazed, it acquires watercolour transparency.

Grape black. A sophisticated and interesting colour for true connoisseurs of twilight shades. The covering warm black colour, when glazed, has a barely noticeable violet tint and acquires watercolour transparency. Ideal for painting shadows and evening landscapes. It can be used to darken transparent colours.

Titanium white is an irreplaceable snow-white colour for a contemporary watercolour artist, with a high level of coverage rate and light fastness. With its help, you can add accents to the finished work, and also use it in mixtures with other watercolour paints to increase their coverage rate or to achieve delicate pastel shades.

Burnt umber. A classic, rich deep brown colour, which when glazed acquires a warm reddish-golden tone. It's one pigmented semi-covering with a high level of light fastness. It is used in almost all watercolour painting techniques.

New colours of watercolour paint are presented both in the cuvettes and in the tubes.
From now on, there are 50 colours of the complemented palette of professional art watercolour paints ROSA Gallery.

Key properties:
• The colors of the paint are the same in both the tub, and in the dish - the only recipe
Paints are well blurry even after drying
• Base 100% natural gumarabic
• Most colours of the palette - single-pigment, which makes it possible to create pure shades when mixing
• High lightfastness of pigments will keep working in its original form over time
• 50 colors, basic and unique, clean and vivid, allow you to choose your favorite shades.

New colors are developed according to the requirements and recommendations of professional artists of Ukraine.

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