ROSA Gallery Watercolours Plastic Palette Case

ROSA Gallery Watercolours Plastic Palette Case

Watercolor artists, meet the novelty! ROSA Gallery Watercolours Plastic Palette Case is on sale now! This is a versatile Palette Case for the artists, who use watercolours in cuvettes and tubes, work in plein air and travel.

The ROSA Gallery White Watercolor Palette Case contains of 24 wells 32mm*22mm*15mm. The height of the well is 1.3 cm that allows you to fill it with watercolours from the tube, which makes the Palette universal and easy to use.

The finger hole at the bottom of the Palette Case makes it easy to hold it while working. 2 built-in palettes allow you to work at once anywhere with the palette box. Thanks to high-quality materials, the paints don't come together on the plastic, but spreads well and reflects the real colour of the mixture on the palette.

Key properties:
• Palette case is suitable for watercolors in pans and liquid watercolor in tubes;
• The pans are securely fixed inside the box;
• The paint spreads evenly on the palette, does not come together;
• White colour and interesting design comfort and style while working.

The versatility, compactness, and lightness of the ROSA Gallery Palette Case make it an important accessory in plein air painting and in the studio.

ROSA Gallery accessories - everything for the artist's comfortable work!

More details:

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