Самоклеящиеся трафареты ROSA TALENT, отныне в формате А4. Новые мотивы, новые идеи, больше возможностей!

Самоклеящиеся трафареты ROSA TALENT, отныне в формате А4. Новые мотивы, новые идеи, больше возможностей!

Summer is the time for bright colours and stylish accessories, so it's time to get acquainted with our new products for decor from ROSA TALENT! We present new patterns of reusable adhesive stencils from ROSA TALENT, in a new size.

The large size of the stencil gives new opportunities and simplifies the decoration of large areas: T-shirts, bags, pillows, tablecloths, drawers, tiles. And due to the high-quality adhesive base, they stick perfectly on various types of surfaces: fabric, glass, wood, paper, canvas based on the picture, prevent paint bleeding, and leave no glue traces.

We selected the top designs for stencils, guided by the latest trends in interior design, clothing, accessories:
 Elements in the style of pop art, floristic, animals: headphones, sneakers, dream catcher, pineapple, cactus, pointe shoes, elephant, zebra, etc. A large fashion element of the stencil will turn a classic T-shirt or eco bag into a trendy unique thing that will reflect the originality and the own style of its owner.
• Background: wood texture, flowers, polka-dot together with several colours of paint will create an independent original background on the craft item, or they will become the basis for the creating of multilayer panels, scrapbooks.
• Borders: geometry, floristic, lace will help to decorate the corners and frames of the item;
• Ukrainian, English alphabet, and numbers are necessary for every decorator as they are needed when writing dates, names, sayings in the shortest possible time with maximum accuracy.

And, importantly, they can be used many times, only after having them thoroughly cleaned of the residual material. Creating decor from ROSA TALENT stencils turns into an easy and exciting process.

Key properties of ROSA TALENT adhesive stencils in A4 format:
• Convenient format for decorating large areas;
• Stylish trend patterns;
• Suitable for decorating different types of surfaces.

Enjoy the process - decorate with ROSA TALENT stencils!

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