New: новые заготовки для декорирования от ROSA TALENТ - кормушки для птиц!

New: новые заготовки для декорирования от ROSA TALENТ - кормушки для птиц!

Meet new blanks for decoration from ROSA TALENT - bird feeders! Classic, lace, and minimalistic birdhouses will become an interesting accessory for your garden or balcony, attracting different birds.

Choose the design of the feeder that will fit into the interior and suit your taste:
• Three minimalist models for a discreet contemporary style for your terrace
• Exquisite lace feeder for a romantic balcony in Provence or shabby chic style
• Two classic shapes that will look harmonious on any terrace or garden

This is a great option for art activities with children: decorate the bird feeder and take care of our little friends together. Decorated feeders will become a great gift for the loved ones or a stylish accessory for photoshoots and a festive room.

The main properties of ROSA TALENT bird feeders:
• Classic design and modern one
• Clear, simple blank design that is easy to assemble
• High-quality materials that are easy to decorate
• Made of environmentally friendly materials - plywood and pine

Experiment and fantasize while decorating, use acrylic paints, stencils, texture pastes, and at the end do not forget to cover the feeder with a finishing varnish. So it will serve you for years, and you will enjoy the singing of birds on your terrace for a long time.

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