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    ROSA TALENT Decorative Acrylics have over 50 bright, pure and pastel colours in the line. The colour diversity in the range includes matte, glossy, pearles-cent and metallic shades and greatly contributes to designers individual and distinctive style. Water-based acrylic paints are notable for their rich colours, strong adhesion and fast drying time. The creamy consistency of the paints performs easy and smooth brushing. Acrylic paints can be diluted with water or mixed together in both cases giving new shades. Thanks to the durable water-resistant film formed once the paints dry, decorated items can be used in the household on a day-to-day basis. Further water-based varnishing can be applied to the decorated items, which are constantly used. The paints preserve their vividness and durability in the length of time. Acrylic paints are used in the vast majority of hobby techniques including decorating, decoupage, crackling, scrapebooking, or decorative painting. They make an essential part in the range of materials for decoration.  ROSA TALENT Decorative Acrylics for decoration can be applied to such surfaces: wood, plywood, fiberboard, MDF, paper, cardboard, primed canvas, stone and brick. 

    Hermetically sealed jars with a temper-evident cap preserve the original consistency of the paints and prevent them from drying. The paints are certified and safe under conditions of their intended use, thus they are suitable for children's creativity.


    Acrylic paints for fabric art painting ROSA TALENT are high-pigment acrylic water-based paints for art painting of different light and dark fabrics, leather and suede. Paints’ colours are easily mixed with new tints arising. High-quality pigments provide bright and light-resistant colours. Due to their excellent covering power the paints can be used for art painting of both light and dark fabrics.         The paints are perfect for art painting of elastic natural and synthetic fabrics. Unique recipes and creamy consistency enable the paints deeply penetrate the fabric fibers without overdensifying the fabric.

    ROSA TALENT Fabric Paints have good adhesion properties if the paining is fixed correctly.


    ROSA TALENT reusable self-adhesive stencils are great material to decorate effortlessly and fast various types of surfaces with repeatable patterns, background or separate elements. ROSA TALENT stencils help both professionals and beginners to create completed patterns or separate elements with clear lines as well as to design repeatable patterns. ROSA TALENT stencils are used to decorate any type of relatively smooth surfaces: fabric, wood, metal, paper, cardboard, primed painting surfaces. Being elastic and soft, they make it possible to decorate round objects and vertical surfaces. Due to the adhesive of high quality ROSA TALENT stencils stick well to the surface and also prevent paint bleeding leaving no glue traces. A decorated surface must be absolutely dry. If given proper care, washed well immediately after use and dried, these stencils can be reused dozens of times. ROSA TALENT self-adhesive stencils are perfect material for decorators, and scrapbookers. They are of great help for students and pupils, as well as for decorating with kids.


    Felting is one of the most popular techniques in the sphere of handcraft and decorating. ROSA TALENT presents carded New Zealand /Zelanian wool and sheet felt – high quality basic materials for felting. ROSA TALENT carded New Zealand / Zelanian wool is ideal for both dry and wet felting. It allows creating works of various thickness and sizes. This wool is easy for professionals as well as beginners to work with. It retains intense colour for a long time thanks to the colourants of high quality. Carded wool can be sold both by piece and in sets. Due to its thickness and composition ROSA TALENT sheet felt is superbly shaped and does not wrinkle. It is easy to work with, ideal for making toys, covers as well as various decorations and applications on cards, panels, clothes, bags, Christmas decorations, photo frames etc. ROSA TALENT felt is very easy to use / handle. There is no need to further process edges, it can be easily cut and glued.

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