New from ROSA Gallery for watercolours and graphic artists!

New from ROSA Gallery for watercolours and graphic artists!

ROSA Gallery transparent acrylic sketch boards in three sizes are waiting for you to make an order!
They are indispensable helpers for those who work in the wet-on-wet and on wet-on-dry watercolour techniques, gouache, drawing. Thanks to the transparent material, it is suitable not only for painting but also for copying, tracing of sketches, motifs duplication.

We offer you 2 types of acrylic sketch boards:
• With a handle for standard A3 and A2 paper sizes for large works
• Without handle in A3 format. Convenient size for walks and travel.

ROSA Gallery sketch boards are made of acrylic - a smooth, moisture-resistant material perfectly smooth surface doesn't keep water and doesn't stain. Due to its properties, the sketch board does not swell upon contact with water and retains its shape even after long-term usage; it is easy to remove a drafting tape from it, that fixes the work, and wash off the remaining paint from the board.

Having the handle-hole and holes for attaching the strap over the shoulder, the sketch board is convenient to hold while working in the open air or in the studio without an easel, and it is also easy and convenient to carry.

Key features of ROSA Gallery acrylic sketch boards:
• Material: smooth transparent acrylic;
• Thickness 3 mm;
• For paper: A2; A3
• Resistant to moisture and chemicals;
• Transparent, good light transmission;
• Easy to clean, durable.

For the work in the watercolour technique, the paper can be fixed on the board with tape or simply "stick" the wet sheet to the acrylic base; for graphics or in the dry technique, you can use tape or binder clips.

ROSA Gallery acrylic sketch boards are a real godsend for various watercolour painting techniques!


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