New: Professional ROSA Gallery acrylic paints now in 400 ml volume!

New: Professional ROSA Gallery acrylic paints now in 400 ml volume!

For artists who work with large formats, paint wall murals, provide training in art schools or work hard in workshops, ROSA offers basic colors of professional acrylic paint ROSA Art Gallery in the 400 ml jars:
• Titanium white (602)
• Zinc white (603)
• Cadmium yellow light (616)
• Cadmium red light (620)
• Cadmium red deep (621)
• Cobalt Blue (625)
• Ultramarine (645)
• Carbon black (638)

Thanks to the wide jar neck, it is easy for an artist to get acrylic with a palette knife directly from it, which is convenient for the work. The large airtight thread lid ensures safe storage of acrylic paints. The advantage of buying artistic acrylic in a large container is the convenience and, at the same time, cost savings compared to the tube, especially when it comes to the most popular colors and high paint consumption.
ROSA Gallery Professional Acrylic Paints are designed for painting based on the requirements and recommendations of professional artists. They are made of high-quality, high-grade pigments based on modern acrylic dispersions.
The flexibility of acrylic paint ROSA Gallery, extended drying time makes it similar to oil paint properties and allows to achieve more in acrylic painting. After drying, the paints form a strong elastic film with a slightly glossy finish, even in a thick layer.

Кеу properties:
• 8 main most requested colors
• High-quality pigments and up-to-date acrylic dispersions
• Rich consistency perfectly holds the dynamics of а strok
• The extended drying time of the paint
• Cost savings when buying a large volume
• Suitable for outdoor work
ROSA Gallery professional paints are designed and manufactured in Ukraine.

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