Новинка: Metallic and pearlescent colours of ROSA TALENT paints for fabric!

Новинка: Metallic and pearlescent colours of ROSA TALENT paints for fabric!

We present a brilliant novelty - acrylic paints with metallic and pearlescent effect ROSA TALENT for painting on fabric! The gloss and radiance of the new acrylic for fabric will give works a special charm, luxury, and festivity. Such hues of acrylic paint are useful for painting handmade bags, clothes, New Year's costumes, character clothes, and it looks especially fancy on dark fabrics.

The 5 most popular colours in a volume of 20 ml are available:
• Gold
• Antique gold
• Silver
• Bronze
• White pearlescent

Water-based ROSA TALENT Acrylics for Fabric and Textile are ideal for painting light and dark fabrics of various composition, including genuine leather and chamois leather. They are elastic after drying and do not excessively thicken the fabric. Bright and saturated colours mix well together, forming new desired shades. Due to the homogeneous consistency, the paints are evenly applied on the fabric and do not flow, making it easy to apply them through the stencil.

Due to the uniform consistency, the paint is applied smoothly but does not spread, so it can be conveniently used through a stencil.
• 5 metallic and pearlescent colours in jars of 20 ml
• High-quality pigments provide bright and light-resistant colours
• Perfect for painting of elastic natural and synthetic fabrics
• Paints withstand hand and machine wash in an appropriate mode

Acrylic paints on ROSA TALENT fabric are highly coating, due to this any colour looks saturated, both on light and dark fabrics. If you want to achieve the effect of "transparency" the paint must be diluted with water.

Create incredible New Year images and a festive mood with ROSA TALENT!

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